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November 29, 2022

DOUBLE your support today!

Logos of six databases produced by Good Jobs First: Violation Tracker, Subsidy Tracker, Tax Break Tracker, Amazon Tracker, Covid Stimulus Watch and Violation Tracker UK

Being the research banshees we are, we hadn’t noticed. But then not long ago, we realized our exceptional databases had become global tools for accountability. It started with Subsidy Tracker, the largest compilation of company-specific awards given by states and communities. Then came Violation Tracker, which became our most popular database, in telling the story of corporate crimes. Tax Break Tracker, made possible by our landmark government accounting victory. And Amazon Tracker

Today, we run six databases. Maintaining them all takes tremendous time and effort, and we’re proud to offer all of them free without even registering. When you give to us, we turn that support into expertly assembled data available for all groups to use in investigative exposés or campaigns of empowerment.

We also train and advise and strategize and connect and testify. We are ecumenical and hell-bent on building movements.

That’s why I’m asking you to give to Good Jobs First today. Thanks to a generous donor, that gift will DOUBLE in impact, because right now, all gifts are being matched dollar-for-dollar up to our goal of $10,000!

Our work has been used in campaigns to:

  • Improve working conditions for people across industries

  • Defend public budgets for schools and public health

  • Win transparency from state and local government
  • Empower communities challenging bad corporate development projects
  • Promote small business fairness

  • Increase racial and ethnic equity

We’re proud when a community successfully stands up to Amazon, pulling from our Amazon Tracker to demonstrate why the company needs no more subsidies.

We’re proud when our Tax Break Tracker is used by schools to document how badly corporations strip communities of desperately needed revenue (and Jon Stewart notices!).

We’re proud when Violation Tracker is used to reveal that big corporations getting covid bailouts are also big government-fraudsters.

But we can’t do it without your support

When you donate right now, a generous donor will match your donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000! Please help us meet this ambitious goal.

Thanks for all that you do.

Below: The South Carolina Education Association’s Sherry East joined Jon Stewart to talk about what corporate tax breaks cost public school students. As Good Jobs First detailed, based on publicly available data, no state loses more to tax breaks than South Carolina.