Jobs and Internships

Good Jobs First is a national policy resource center that promotes corporate and government accountability in economic development. Since 1998, it has fought for reforms to increase transparency around the use of public money used in the name of economic development, and has revealed the numerous ways corporations – many of whom receive subsidies – violate civil and criminal regulations and laws. Our data and technical assistance play a vital role in efforts to create a fair and people-centered economy.  We work closely with a wide range of allies to move policies to get us there.


Current Openings:


Subsidy Tracker Research Analyst: Subsidy Tracker, our oldest and largest database, contains data on which corporations are getting local, state, and federal taxpayer dollars — from more than 1,050 programs. It compiles economic development subsidy awards such as tax abatements, tax credits, and grants: it currently holds over 730,000 entries, mostly scraped from government websites and some through public records requests. Subsidy Tracker is a heavily trafficked resource used by journalists, activists, academics, unions, government agencies, and private sector researchers.

The researcher will work directly with the Good Jobs First Research Director and a Senior Research Analyst on collecting data for and expanding the Subsidy Tracker database. Though this position is heavy on research and data collection, there are opportunities to lead trainings and research webinars, agitate for better disclosure, and cross-train on other aspects of our work. Learn more.


Violation Tracker Research Analyst: Violation Tracker, a globally popular database, collects data on penalties paid by companies for regulatory violations and other types of misconduct. It contains more than 500,000 entries covering federal, state and local enforcement cases as well as class action lawsuits. Violation Tracker’s users include corporate accountability activists as well as journalists, academics, lawyers and public officials. We have also created a tracker for the United Kingdom and are planning a multi-country version.

The applicant should have at least two years of experience doing corporate research on a variety of companies and industries, preferably at a union, an environmental group or other non-profit organization. Applicants should have experience working with big datasets and preferably have web-scraping and data-cleaning skills. Learn more.


Violation Tracker UK. The word Violation is in blue and looks like a stamp. The words "Tracker UK" are in black.

Violation Tracker UK Part Time Outreach Contractor: Violation Tracker UK, is the first wide-ranging database of enforcement actions brought against companies by government regulators in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Modeled on the U.S. Violation Tracker, it contains more than 68,000 cases involving issues such as financial misconduct, workplace abuses, environmental offences and anti-competitive practices.

The outreach contractor will work directly with the Good Jobs First Research Director Philip Mattera. They will be responsible for making the UK’s labour and journalism communities more aware of Violation Tracker UK and how it can be used to assist in union campaigns and/or reporting. Learn more.