Good Jobs First: 2022 Annual Report

February 2023

Good Jobs First 2022 Annual Report, with chess pieces of different colors and logo.

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Dear Friends~

As we approach our 25th anniversary in July 2023, Good Jobs First is strong and growing — with more users of our data, more supporters and subscribers, and more momentum than ever! Thanks to everyone building our movement!

In 2022, all of our long-term strategies bore fruit. We saw teachers and school boards using our new GASB 77 data to call out corporate tax dodging. We saw activists in Louisiana celebrate their victory for better-funded public services.

We saw investigative journalists using our tools to question subsidy awards. We saw our newest databases — Violation Tracker UK and Amazon Tracker — thrive while our four established databases also empowered activists, journalists, and academics. We saw scholars from dozens of nations use our data.

We saw coalitions in Southern states like South Carolina and Northern states like New York make great use of our help, plus Amazon site-fighters, educators in Missouri — even regulators and journalists in the United Kingdom!

And we have ambitious plans for 2023: more data on consumer lawsuits and dislocated worker rights; more stories on how subsidies fuel racialized inequality; and more studies powered by our unique data.

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Together, we can build the economy we want!

In Solidarity,

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Greg LeRoy
Executive Director
Good Jobs First