The Teamsters Are Coming for Amazon’s Tax Breaks

September 3, 2021

The Teamsters Are Coming for Amazon’s Tax Breaks

Motherboard senior staff writer Lauren Kaori Gurley wrote about successful community efforts, led by members of the Teamsters labor union, to block Amazon’s ruthless, grow-at-all costs strategy. She writes:

“This summer, communities around the United States have been declaring stunning victories in struggles to block Amazon warehouse projects in their cities and reject tax breaks that the tech giant demands from the localities and states where it opens facilities.”

And the Teamsters are just warming up, Randy Korgan, the Teamster’s national Amazon director, told Motherboard.

“Amazon is thinking about how low they can pay people and then asks for infrastructure incentives and tax credits,” said Korgan. “It’s gross to think about the amount of value that Amazon has pulled out of local communities, and now we’re stuck with hundreds of thousands of these jobs.”

As we’re chronicled, Amazon has received over $4.1 billion in public subsidies as it battles to be the world’s No. 1 private employer.

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Text shows how Amazon has gotten over $500 million in subsidies in 2021 alone and spent $500 million on a yacht.