Subsidy Tracker Has More to Track

May 26, 2011

Subsidy Tracker

, Good Jobs First’s database of company-specific info on economic development subsidies, has just completed the first of what we expect to be many expansions.

We have added data on 14 programs in four states, three of which are now represented in Tracker for the first time: Hawaii, Nebraska and Rhode Island. A list of the new programs is below. A new feature, the

Update Log

, lists these as well and will allow you to see at a glance what has been added to the database in the future.

Subsidy Tracker now contains more than 65,000 entries on 154 programs in 37 states.

New Additions


Enterprise Zones (2007)

Qualified High Technology Businesses Tax Credits (2009)


Special Incumbent Worker Training (2009-2010)


Invest Nebraska Act (2001-2005)

LB 775/Employment and Investment Growth Act (1987-2007)

Nebraska Advantage Act (2007-2009)

Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act (2009)

Quality Jobs Act (1996-1997)

Rhode Island

Distressed Areas Economic Revitalization Act-Enterprise Zones (FY2008-FY2010)

Incentives for Innovation and Growth (FY2008-FY2010)

Job Training Tax Credits (FY2009-FY2010)

Jobs Development Act/Corporate Income Tax Reductions (FY2008-FY2010)

Motion Picture Production Tax Credit (FY2008-FY2010)

Project sales tax exemptions (FY2008-FY2010)