Subsidy Tracker Completes Online Data Capture

September 20, 2011

Subsidy Tracker

, the Good Jobs First database of company-specific information on economic development subsidies, has reached a new milestone: We have finished capturing all available online data from state programs around the country. The database now contains more than 112,000 entries from 246 programs in 41 states. A complete list of sources is



Our latest batch of new data covers 16 additional programs in six states. One of those states is South Dakota, which recently began publishing subsidy recipient data for all of its largest programs. Alabama appears in Tracker for the first time with data on its Industrial Development Training program. We also expanded the number of years covered for 53 programs in 15 states. See below for a full list of recent changes.

Now that we have completed assembling data from a vast array of online sources, we will focus our attention on getting more unpublished data from state agencies, especially those states that don’t have any online recipient disclosure. Subsidy Tracker already contains unpublished data from 14 programs in 11 states. We will also begin to look at selected local subsidy programs.

We have made improvements to the search engine, including a new feature that displays state-specific dropdown menus for categories such as program name, city and county. This allows for more focused searches.

New programs added


Alabama Industrial Development Training


Non-JOBZ Local Subsidies


Business Development Grants

Economic Development Contingency Grant

Energy Sector Training Grants

Facilities Establishment Fund

Logistics & Distribution Stimulus Program

Minority Business Enterprise Loan

Research & Development Loan Fund

South Dakota

Agricultural Processing and Export Loan Program (APEX)

Dakota Seeds

Pooled Bond Program

Workforce Development Program


Special Performance Grants


Film Production Services Credit

Jobs Tax Credit

Additional years added


Motion Picture Production Tax Incentive Program


Business Development Public Infrastructure Program

EDGE Tax Credit

Employee Training Investment Program

Enterprise Zone Expanded M&E Sales Tax Exemption

Enterprise Zone State Utility Tax Exemption

High Impact Business Designation

IDOT Economic Development Program

Large Business Development Assistance Program


Twenty-First Century Research and Technology Fund


Employment Tax Increment Financing


Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ)


Invest Nebraska Act

Nebraska Advantage Act

Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act


Industrial Training Grant

Innovation Ohio

Investment in Training Expansion

Job Creation Tax Credit

Job Retention Tax Credit

Third Frontier

Thomas Edison Program

Workforce Development Initiatives


Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit


Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC)


Research & Development Tax Credit

Rhode Island

Distressed Areas Economic Revitalization Act-Enterprise Zones

Incentives for Innovation and Growth

Jobs Development Act/Corporate Income Tax Reductions

Motion Picture Production Tax Credit

Project sales tax exemptions


Economic Development Tax Increment Financing

Industrial Assistance Fund


Governor’s Opportunity Fund

Virginia Investment Partnership and Major Eligible Employer Grant

West Virginia

Governor's Guaranteed Work Force Program


Blight Elimination and Brownfield Redevelopment Program

Business Employees Skills Training

Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Grants

Community Development Zone

Customized Labor Training Fund

Dairy Manufacturing Facility Investment Credit

Development Opportunity Zone

Economic Development Tax Credit Program

Enterprise Development Zone

Film Production Company Investment Credit

Industrial Revenue Bonds

Major Economic Development

Technology Assistance Grant

Technology Matching Grant

Technology Venture Fund Loan

Technology Zone

Transportation Economic Assistance