South Carolina Joins Subsidy Tracker

March 12, 2012

South Carolina has become the 48


state to be represented in

Subsidy Tracker

, the Good Jobs First database of company-specific economic development subsidy awards. That leaves only Mississippi and Nevada with no entries, but we are working to rectify that through requests for unpublished data (neither state has any online disclosure). Subsidy Tracker now contains more than 121,000 awards from 308 programs in those 48 states and the District of Columbia.

Until recently we thought that South Carolina was also a non-disclosure state, but my colleague Kasia Tarczynska discovered online


of some obscure reports produced by the state’s commerce department for the state legislature. The reports—annual summaries of enterprise zone activity—list which companies have gotten approval for their “revitalization agreements” in connection with the Job Development Credit Program. They also list the same for the Job Retraining Credit Program. Unfortunately, the lists do not include the size of the credits each company is receiving, though in the case of the retraining credits they include the number of workers eligible for the retraining.

We have also continued our quest for both published and unpublished information for other programs. Here are the latest datasets we have obtained:

– Colorado: Colorado First Training Program (FY2010-FY2011)

– Colorado: Existing Industry Training Program (FY2010-FY2011)

– Delaware: Blue Collar Training Grant (1997 to Jan 2012)

– Kansas: Kansas Economic Opportunity Initiatives Fund (2007-2012)

– Minnesota: Minnesota Investment Fund (2007-2011)

– Missouri: Chapter 100 Industrial Revenue Bonds (2009-2011)

– South Carolina: Enterprise Zone Job Development Credit (2005-2007; 2009-2010)

– South Carolina: Enterprise Zone Job Retraining Credit (2005-2007; 2009-2010)

– Virginia: Virginia Jobs Investment Program (FY2009-FY2011)

– Washington: Job Skills Program (FY2009-FY2011)

new years

– Iowa: Research Activities Credit (now 2009-2011)

– Maine: Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement Program (now FY2009-FY2011)

– Missouri: Quality Jobs Program (now 2000-2011)