Reclaiming Public Tax Dollars: An Economic Justice Movement Gains Strength

August 24, 2022

Nonprofit Quarterly: Reclaiming Public Tax Dollars: An Economic Justice Movement Gains Strength

Photo of a woman with black skin tone sitting and her hand is out as dollar bills rain from the sky
Reprinted from Nonprofit Quarterly

Good Jobs First’s Arlene Martínez wrote about the movement of people who are standing up to corporate interests, and forcing their leaders to consider a more equitable and just way of doing economic development.

“Increasingly, a growing group of community advocates are demanding more thoughtful economic development strategies—and they are winning. They are aided by research showing that to drive real economic gains, communities must invest in schools, parks, roads, infrastructure, senior services, childcare support, and other amenities that especially benefit those of modest means.

Companies go where skilled workers are, and workers gravitate toward communities that offer a high quality of life. In short, if elected officials prioritize building infrastructure and providing services that most benefit residents, employers will come.

But to change the way economic development is done, everyone must play a role. The process starts with getting informed, agitating for something better, and having proven alternatives. In this series, we have heard directly from advocates in Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri. These are just a few examples from a much broader movement that is taking hold in cities and counties across the nation.”

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