More Subsidy Tracking in Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire

June 15, 2011

Subsidy Tracker

, Good Jobs First’s database of company-specific info on economic development subsidies, has just expanded its coverage of Iowa, New Hampshire and Vermont. New Hampshire appears for the first time in Tracker.

We uploaded data on a total of 15 additional programs in those states and expanded the number of years of data for two Iowa programs already in the database. Subsidy Tracker now covers all awards by the Iowa Department of Economic Development from fiscal years 2004 to 2010, and it has data for all of Vermont’s major subsidy programs.

Overall, Subsidy Tracker now contains more than 67,000 entries on 169 programs in 38 states.

New Additions


Community Economic Betterment Account (July 2003-June 2010)

Economic Development Set-Aside (July 2003-June 2010)

Enterprise Zones (additional years bring coverage to July 1997-June 2010)

Entrepreneurial Ventures Assistance (July 2003-June 2010)

Grow Iowa Values Fund (July 2003-June 2010)

High Quality Job Creation Program (additional years bring coverage to July 2003-June 2010)

High Quality Jobs Program (July 2003-June 2010)

Loan and Credit Guarantee Fund (July 2003-June 2010)

New Capital Investment Program (July 2003-June 2010)

Physical Infrastructure Assistance (July 2003-June 2010)

Value-Added Agricultural Products & Processes Financial Assistance (July 2003-June 2010)

New Hampshire

Job Training Fund (November 2007-May 2011)

Tax Credit Program (2009)


Direct Loan Program (2008-2010)

Economic Advancement Tax Incentive (1998-2006)

Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI) (January 2007-May 2011)

Workforce Education & Training Fund (FY2008-2010)