Moog seeking 14th tax subsidy from IDA

March 20, 2023

Missile defense systems with clouds and sky in the background
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Investigative Post: Moog seeking 14th tax subsidy from IDA

Moog, Inc. has gotten billions in defense and aerospace contracts from the federal governments. It has also received over $10 million in subsidies from New York residents through a variety of tax breaks, energy discounts and other taxpayer-funded goodies, according to the Investigative Post.

Now, it seeks a 14th subsidy. The highly profitable company is offering no new jobs, but is threatening to leave the state if it doesn’t get the public’s money.

Per the article:

To some watchdogs, Moog demanding IDA subsidies is “double or triple dipping.”

“I don’t think Uncle Sam should be paying companies to impoverish states and counties and cities and school districts,” said Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, which monitors and analyzes government subsidies to corporations. “I think it’s perverse.”

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