Koch Industries Still Rides the Tax Subsidy Gravy Train

February 10, 2023

Center for Media & Democracy: Koch Industries Still Rides the Tax Subsidy Gravy Train

From the article:

As a self-proclaimed libertarian, Charles Koch rails against tax breaks—except when they benefit his companies. The Charles Koch Institute—now rebranded as Stand Together Fellowships— has taken the position that “when governments provide payments, loans, bailouts, or other benefits to favored businesses, they transfer wealth from taxpayers to politically powerful special interests.”

Although Charles Koch considers tax breaks and government subsidies to be “suicide” in the long run and has urged other wealthy business leaders to oppose them, he apparently has no qualms about accepting corporate welfare himself. 

The article also notes that our Subsidy Tracker shows Koch Industries and its subsidiaries have gotten “almost $654 million in tax subsidies since 1990, not including the many tax breaks for undisclosed amounts or subsidies received by start-ups funded by Koch’s private equity arm, Koch Disruptive Technologies.”

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