Kansas and Missouri Make Progress Toward Ending Interstate Job Piracy

April 18, 2016
By Good Jobs First

Washington, DC, April 18, 2016—Good Jobs First today applauded the State of Kansas for its progress towards accepting Missouri’s offer of a legally binding cease-fire to end the Kansas City-area problem of so-called “interstate job fraud,” or the payment of huge tax breaks for co

mpanies to relocate short distances across the region’s state line.

On Friday, April 15, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback released a statement and directive memo to his commerce secretary laying out Kansas’s counter-offer for Missouri to meet before its legislative session ends. The modifications, if accepted, will make the cease-fire somewhat less rigorous. The biggest concession would be to allow Kansas to apply its most generous subsidy to interstate moves if the company commits to spending $10 million or more for the construction of new building.