Georgia Republicans Pass Bill Punishing Union-Friendly Employers

March 21, 2024

HuffPost: Georgia Republicans Pass Bill Punishing Union-Friendly Employers

An image of the top of the Georgia State Capitol
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“GOP lawmakers in Georgia passed a bill Wednesday to punish employers that make it easier for workers to form unions, sending the legislation to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp for his signature.

Senate Bill 362 would bar companies from receiving state economic incentives if they voluntarily recognize a union instead of requiring employees to vote in a secret-ballot election. It is aimed at discouraging a process known as ‘card check,’ whereby workers can unionize simply by showing that there’s majority support in the form of signed union cards.

The legislation passed the state Senate last month by a vote of 31-23. It cleared the House on Wednesday 96-78. Both votes fell mostly along party lines…

Like other states, Georgia offers employers a slew of tax incentives and economic development subsidies to move to the state. According to the Subsidy Tracker run by the nonprofit Good Jobs First, the largest beneficiaries of Georgia state and local awards have been the automakers Hyundai and Rivian, which in 2022 netted awards worth $2.1 billion and $1.5 billion, respectively.”

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