Discover How Much the Public
is Subsidizing One of the Largest Retailers

Subsidies Awarded to Amazon: over $6.7 Billion and Counting!

This database tallies state and local economic development subsidy deals given to, Inc. for its warehouses, data centers, and film productions, and to its subsidiaries such as Whole Foods Market, Zappos and Audible. For each subsidized project, we include: year awarded, state and city or county, estimated subsidy cost and the type of facility.

Since we began collecting and exposing subsidies the company has received, we have encountered greater secrecy surrounding the packages awarded to Amazon. This sometimes makes calculating such costs difficult. Secret project names, non-disclosure agreements, and a reluctance by public officials to fully disclose costs — even after a deal has been awarded — suggests Amazon and public officials know these deals have become controversial.

If you see a missing deal, please let us know! Email [email protected].

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Last update: February 6, 2024