With Billions in Fines, U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Ranks Are ‘Packed With Rogues’

January 13, 2022

Image of front of government building with lighting in a red sky above it and the words, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Members Have Paid $154 Billion in Penalties

A new report by the a consumer watchdog Public Citizen analyzed data from Good Jobs First’s database on corporate misconduct – Violation Tracker – and found that 111 known U.S. Chamber member corporations have violated state and federal law at least 15,895 times. Since 2000, the group has racked up penalties of over $154 billion since 2000.

DeSmog wrote about the report:

These findings come after the Chamber attacked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) late last year for the agency’s efforts to step up enforcement of unlawful corporate behavior, calling increased oversight a “war on American businesses.” …

The findings are “jaw-dropping even for people like me who study, teach, and write about corporate criminal misconduct for a living,” Jennifer Taub, a professor at Western New England University School of Law and author of Big Dirty Money, a book on corporate profiteering and white-collar crime, wrote to DeSmog in an email. “Given their membership’s history of repeat offending, it takes a lot of nerve for the Chamber of Commerce to push back against the Federal Trade Commission when it’s just doing its job by referring suspected criminal conduct to the Department of Justice.”

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