What’s NOT the Matter with Kansas and Arkansas?

February 17, 2012

Kansas and Arkansas are not big on subsidy transparency, but they are now represented for the first time in Good Jobs First’s

Subsidy Tracker database

. Using open records requests, we obtained data on nine corporate tax credit programs in Arkansas and two training programs in Kansas. This leaves only three states—Mississippi, Nevada and South Carolina—with no data in Subsidy Tracker. We are trying to obtain unpublished data from them as well.

The Kansas and Arkansas additions are part of the latest expansion of Subsidy Tracker: 20 new programs from a total of seven states. One of those states is Oregon, which recently began to


information on corporate tax credits pursuant to legislation enacted last year as the result of efforts by groups such as OSPIRG.

Subsidy Tracker now has more than 118,000 entries from 298 programs in 47 states and the District of Columbia. Below is a list of the latest programs added to the database.

Arizona: Arizona Competes Fund

Arkansas: Advantage Arkansas Income Tax Credits

Arkansas: ArkPlus Income Tax Credit

Arkansas: Create Rebate Program

Arkansas: Economic Investment Tax Credit

Arkansas: InvestArk Sales and Use Tax Credits

Arkansas: Sales and Use Tax Refund for Targeted Business

Arkansas: Targeted Business In-House Research Credits

Arkansas: Targeted Business Payroll Credits

Arkansas: TaxBack Sales and Use Tax Refunds

Kansas: Kansas Industrial Retraining

Kansas: Kansas Industrial Training

New Mexico: Film Investment Program

North Carolina: Industrial Development Fund

North Carolina: Job Maintenance and Capital Development Fund

North Carolina: Site Infrastructure Development Fund

Oregon: Employer Workforce Training Fund

Oregon: Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate

Oregon: Oregon Investment Advantage Program

Rhode Island: Comprehensive Workforce Training Grants