Thanks to WNY, Amazon subsidies hit $5 billion

November 17, 2022

Investigative Post: Thanks to WNY, Amazon subsidies hit $5 billion

A $124 million subsidy package given to Amazon by the Niagara County Industrial Development agency this summer helped the e-commerce giant reach a milestone: $5 billion in total government subsidies.

That total came from 309 subsidies in 38 states since 2000, according to data compiled by Good Jobs First, a nonprofit that tracks corporate tax breaks. Washington, the state where Amazon is headquartered, gave the company the most subsidies, a total of $824 million. Illinois ranked second with $732 million, followed by New York at $671 million.

Those subsidies went towards facilities ranging from warehouses to offices to film and television studios. Subsidies for Whole Foods, the grocery chain Amazon owns, were also included.

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