State Profiles

In the pages on each state and the District of Columbia reached by clicking on the map below, you will find essential information on subsidy practices and controversies. Each page contains:

  • A brief history of the state’s track record on the use of economic development subsidies.
  • A list of that state’s key subsidy programs with descriptions, cost figures (where available) and links.
  • Other information on the loss of tax revenue through corporate giveaways.
  • Publications and other research specific to each state.
  • Links to leading subsidy watchdog groups.

We hope this information can aid groups and policymakers working to make economic development more transparent, accountable, and to prevent subsidy abuse.

At a time when many states are experiencing severe fiscal distress, it is more important than ever to keep tabs on what is happening with the revenues that are coming in. That means making sure that taxpayer money is not being wasted on extravagant and ineffective giveaways to corporations in the name of economic development.