RFP: Good Jobs First Seeks Birthday Planner

March 11, 2023


Good Jobs First is seeking a communications professional or small firm to help it celebrate its 25th birthday. It turns 25 in July 2023, but we anticipate the big roll-out to be in September.

We want to partner with a person or persons who will help GJF celebrate the anniversary, to grow awareness of the organization, honor the work it has done – including the role of the founder and current executive director – and help reach new funders and individual donors and reinterest past ones.

Contributing to the work will be the deputy executive director/communications director, who will write, edit, conduct interviews (where necessary), provide content ideas, and ensure consistent messaging with the organization.


Good Jobs First is a national policy resource center that promotes corporate and government accountability in economic development. Since 1998, it has fought for and won many reforms to increase transparency around the use of public money used in the name of economic development, and has revealed the numerous ways corporations – many of whom receive subsidies – violate civil and criminal regulations and laws.

We are pro-economic development — meaning government has a rightful role in building an economy that addresses the United States’ history of racialized inequality. We believe that good jobs — those that raise working families’ living standards and intentionally benefit historically excluded workers and communities — must be at the heart of any sound development strategy. Incentives cannot be about “Fortune 500 first,” or “capital intensity first.”

We track regulatory violations because good jobs must also be free of wage theft, discrimination, pollution, safety hazards, contract fraud, and other forms of corporate corruption.


  • To reach new audiences unfamiliar with GJF and target existing ones.
  • Create a piece around the executive director, who founded the organization in 1998.
  • Craft stories linking GJF’s work to other issues, in part by capturing diverse messengers who have use and benefited from GJF’s assistance.
  • Highlight GJF’s role in improving the quality of transparency in economic development and securing better outcomes in many communities.


  • Provide a multi-media experience related to the organization turning 25 and its impact, including but not limited to short videos (30-90 seconds), a longer-ish video (3-5 minutes), an interactive timeline, copy for paid/organic social media, and short pieces suitable for funders.
  • Graphics suitable for social media.
  • Interview Founder/Executive Director Greg LeRoy and people who know him (names provided by GJF staff and interviews may be conducted by the communications director where appropriate and helpful).


Time. The anniversary is in July 2023, but we will aim for major components to be released in September.

Accessibility. Our issues can feel wonky and complex. The ideal person(s)/firm will have experience in economic justice issues and the links between our work and foundational issues (housing, food security, health).

Over-familiarity with news media: Good Jobs First has a high media profile, with almost 1,100 journalists signing up for our emails and daily media citations. But that coziness has come with a price: in 25 years, only two obscure specialty publications have ever written about us as an organization.


We will be basing proposals off of:

  • Ability to meet our project goals listed above
  • Previous experience working with political and/or progressive NGO workplaces
  • Past experience — please include past work samples
  • An outline of the size and structure of your business — are you a 1-person shop, a small co-op, a large company, etc?
  • Cost — budget is below

Good Jobs First believes that a diverse, inclusive staff and vendor network is a fundamental strength. We’re committed to working with people of all races, ethnicities, religions, ages, sexes, sexual orientations, and gender identities. People or companies led by BIPOC, women, LGBTQ individuals, and members of other minority or marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to respond to this RFP.


Due to the truncated nature of this timeline, this work will commence as soon as possible. It will continue through September 2023.


  • $7,000-$10,000