Georgia sets $1.5B in aid for electric vehicle maker Rivian

May 3, 2022

Andy Dean Photography

ATLANTA (AP) — The state of Georgia and local governments will give Rivian Automotive $1.5 billion of incentives to build a 7,500-job, $5 billion electric vehicle plant east of Atlanta, according to documents the company and state signed Monday.

The state touts a $420 million annual payroll, as well as an analysis showing there will be 8,000 more jobs created elsewhere in the state with a total impact of more than $7 billion. But LeRoy said incentives will cost $200,000 per job, and state and local governments will never collect enough increased taxes to cover that. “The state can never break even,” LeRoy said. “There’s no way that the average worker in this place is going to pay $200,000 more in state and local taxes.”

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