Gambling Firms Hit With Huge Increase in Fines as Industry Splashes out on MPs

August 23, 2023

Byline Times: Gambling Firms Hit With Huge Increase in Fines as Industry Splashes out on MPs

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An analysis of Violation Tracker UK data by the Byline Times found that fines against gambling companies have soared in recent years – and so has lobbying of the nation’s powerful elected leaders.

One analysis by The Guardian found that gambling companies and lobbyists have increased the amount they spend on MPs by tenfold in five years, with one MP saying that “if you go to the bar [in Parliament], you will probably see somebody from that industry, and they’re buying people drinks”.

Per the story:

Campaigners Byline Times spoke to felt there was still progress that needed to be made.

“The increase in fines is concerning but not surprising, given that the online gambling industry’s business model is based on addiction. Fines have become a cost of doing business as it’s far cheaper to pay them than it is to change”, said Will Prochaska, strategy director of campaign group Gambling with Lives.

“Neither will the measures in the government’s White Paper be enough to stop the industry’s predatory practices, and we expect a further increase in regulatory action against operators as they push the boundaries of the new rules once they are brought in.”

Both Zarb-Cousin and Prochaska called on the Gambling Commission to consider rescinding operating licences for firms that are repeat offenders.

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