Big tax breaks for Amazon in Niagara County

August 10, 2022

A cardboard box with Amazon Prime tape going around it.
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Investigative Post: Big tax breaks for Amazon in Niagara County

“It took the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency less than a minute Wednesday to approve $124 million in tax breaks for Amazon to bring 1,000 warehouse jobs to the Town of Niagara.

In addition to being opposed by some residents, a coalition that includes Good Jobs First urged the IDA to reject the Amazon deal.

‘There’s no reason Niagara County taxpayers should be using their money to subsidize Amazon’s opening of another warehouse, which the massive multinational must do to hit next- or even same-day delivery promises,’ said Arlene Martinez, deputy executive director and communications director at Good Jobs First. 

‘Instead of dumping its tax load onto Niagara area families and small businesses, Amazon should pay its locally hired workers a living wage ($15 is laughable) and pay communities for the wear and tear on roads, the schools that will educate their workers’ children, and to help mitigate the pollution it will generate.’ ”

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